Did you know recent studies show that most suicide attempts happen on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and they are highest in the spring. One of the theories to these facts is that we look at these times as new beginnings and have hope for things to change, and when those expectations are not met, depression is the result. Another interesting fact that points to this is the holiday with the highest number of suicides is New Years Day (the lowest is Christmas). Although this is a depressing statistic, there are some things we can do to change the beginning of our week. Here are a few things that may help you to turn your Mondays around.

1. Change your perspective:

When we look at Monday as an opportunity rather than a burden it can set the tone for the week. Use Monday to set your goals. One of the terms we use in therapy is to have “the beginners mind”. This is a Buddhist concept which helps us practice leaving preconceived expectations, attitudes and beliefs at the door and treating every day as if it were your first. Every day is a new opportunity!

2. Set 3 goals for the week.

We can get overwhelmed with hundreds of tasks that “need” to be done. Focus on three critical goals and set times to complete these goals. This will help you find meaning in your work and set priorities.

3. Do something kind for a co-worker on Mondays.

Acts of service take us out of our victim mentality and help us feel optimistic.

4. Clean your desk/office space.

Give yourself a sense of control by bringing control to your workspace. This helps set the tone and attitude and sends the message back to yourself that you are ready for the challenges of the week.

5. Avoid meetings, instead collaborate.

Meetings often take motivation and momentum and stop them. They are best to have later in the week to review progress and help keep us accountable. Focus on collaboration by getting feedback from co-workers. This allows you to get excited about what you are doing and builds your self-esteem.

Just remember, Monday is an opportunity. Having a good Monday creates an amazing Friday. If you find yourself dealing with depression that is deeper than the Monday blues, don’t hesitate to reach out. Therapy has been proven to work in improving your menta health so you can start living your best life.

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