We are in the heart of hurricane season and it is important we are prepared for the potential of a storm. A basic preparedness checklist may include

1. Know your evacuation plan

2. Have emergency supplies (have a go-kit with a three day supply you can take with you)

3. Be prepared to shelter. Have storage of clean water, food, medications, first aid etc.

4. Prepare your home. Secure items that could damage your home and have insurance.

Here is a hurricane preparedness checklist for you to review:


Hurricanes tend to come with little warning as do some of the storms in our own lives. Similarly, storms in our personal lives may come at certain seasons. Stressful situations tend to come up at times of change such as starting a new job, going to school, new relationships, or retirement. There are also completely unexpected situations as well such as sudden illness, divorce, death of close ones or being laid off to name a few. Just as with tropical storms, we can have a preparedness checklist for these situations.

1. Brighten your outlook: be able to be resilient by accepting the negative with the positive. Don’t focus on the negative. Understand what your beliefs are about your meaning and purposes in life.

2. Reduce stress: Exercise, meditate, have priorities, do what you love to do.

3. Get quality sleep: Have a sleep schedule, avoid using substances, get off the phone

4. Be mindful: Be present in the moment, learn how to breathe, do a creative project.

5. Cope with loss: Be patient with grief and open to the process. Have people you trust who can help you through grief. Support others through their grief.

6. Strengthen social connections: Involve yourself in interest groups, hobbies, churches, classes etc. to connect yourself with like minded people; Volunteer for things you are passionate about, spend quality time with family.

Here is a link to a emotional wellness checklist with more information about what is listed here.


Resilient is the term we use to define an individual who is prepared to weather the storms of life. Life is certainly chaotic and unpredictable but with the right steps we can be prepared to turn on the metaphorical generator and take on the challenges. If you are currently in a hurricane of life, you may need to use your evacuation plan and get some help. We have the professionals to do just that. Reach out today!

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